Launch of PK Accessories


The day has finally arrived! I am delighted to announce the launch of our own Papillonkia branded handbag liners. These are now all available to purchase on-line here:

The liners are especially designed for Mulberry and Louis Vuitton bags at the moment. Don’t worry, liners for my other popular handbag brands i.e Celine, Hermes, Chanel, Givenchy will be added to my product line soon.

Not only will liners keep your bags in shape, but they also help you organise your items. Every bag should have a liner as it protects the inside of your bag, thus keeping it pristine to hand down to your daughter in the future as well as increasing re-sale value should you wish to sell in the future.

As you are aware, Papillonkia has grown since establishment 3-years ago and I owe this to you, my wonderful customers. Goodness time has flown by! Due to a huge number of customer requests, the company is diversifying into selling my own branded products related to handbags. This project has taken over 13-months to complete but now we are finally here. I hope you love them as much as I do.

Why Purchase your handbag liners from Papillonkia?

  • Papillonkia is proud to partner with a leading manufacturer of liners who has vast experience in this market. They now sell to over 30 countries Worldwide.
  • Our liners have been designed and custom made with our customers in mind to meet your needs.
  • Local staff are hired and paid fairly, to hand-make each and every item using high quality felt material that is 3mm in thickness.
  • Liners are available in seven colours at present soon expanding to more, soon.
  • Don’t pre-order and wait for your liners, Papillonkia has them in stock (until sold) and we offer quick dispatch. Stock will be replenished regularly.
  • ALL fabrics have been tested by our manufacturers and have undertaken rigorous Quality Controls and meet high standards.
  • Papillonkia fully supports Diversity/Inclusion and Corporate Social Responsibility. We only trade with Companies who deal with Ethical products and use Ethical means in conducting their business.
  • Papillonkia has very high standards and only sells high quality items. Our reputation, service and products are outstanding (your words not ours) and we wish to continue.

It doesn’t end there ladies, liners are just the beginning. Lots more items to come.





Images courtesy of Amani Agha – age 12.

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