The Everlasting Appeal of Chanel

Chanel is all over the news at the moment and it seems to becoming more and more popular. As you know, Chanel bags are my absolute favourite but this isn’t a new thing. Chanel bags have an everlasting appeal.   The Chanel handbag is undeniably a timeless classic. From the classic Flap Bag to the […]

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Papillonkia’s New Home

I couldn’t be more excited to share this news with you. Papillonkia are expanding after establishment 3-years ago and have new offices in North London.     It has been one big journey and it hasn’t always been plain sailing as with many businesses we have had some challenges along the way, but that hasn’t stopped us. […]

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The History of Mulberry

Mulberry has become a highly coveted brand and is certainly a firm favourite with many of my Papillonkia customers. As we start 2017 I thought it would be interesting to look back on the history of this British powerhouse. For my blog post this week, I bring you Mulberry’s journey to becoming a sought after […]

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To Line is to Love

You may have noticed we have gone liner obsessed here at Papillonkia. Maybe you have been looking for the perfect liner to fit your bag and snapped one of our Papillonkia liners up already. Even if you haven’t bought one you have probably seen our range of beautiful colours for a variety of bags. I was thinking though […]

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